Dancing in the twilight with truth

2 min readApr 8, 2022
Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

I value honesty, so be truthful and be free,
Open that door, crack that window if you will,
I invite you in to sit with me, tell me everything,
don’t miss a beat, I showed you my hand now,
Please, share me yours, no need to run,
little point in hiding, don’t bother,
it’s there in the darkness, hidden in the shadows,
the truth you’ve been hiding,
The clock is ticking, waste not the little time that is left,
This moment, with me and you, says your piece.
I’ll hear it all.

Your mask looks heavy, little one,
Why not take a rest? I’ll mind it for you if you want,
appear to me as you are, not as a stranger,
Stop trying to hide behind that façade,
even if just for a little while.
Breathe deeply the fresh air, taste a sip of the elixir,
I won’t bite, be to me who you are intended to be,
not what you pretend to be, and unveil your truths.

I have all the time in the world,
But why waste it? I will patiently wait for your honest voice.
I will share my wisdom with you.
If you would return the favour, my dear.

Will you convey your truest thoughts as dawn slips into twilight,
Or would we wait for the shadows to join us?
I will listen to everything without interfering,
No one will disturb you in this.
Show me your true appearance and speak to me in your true voice.
You can either dance in the moonlight
with your soul or drown in the shadows with your guilt.

There’s no sense in refusing now,
Obstinacy is in the air,
The shadows will have what they want in the end,
they’ve already begun to roam amongst themselves,
clinging to the brick walls,
waiting more patiently than me or you,
whose perseverance will conquer whose.


A mother finding herself through words. Writing to untangle her thoughts and emotions in the process.