Empty thoughts

1 min readJul 8, 2022
Photo by Cristian Palmer on Unsplash

A blank paper lays before her.
She wants to write,
About all that is or was,
to convey the sorrows of life,
express all the emotions,
reveal the wounds, and misery
inflicted by people,
who are or were in it,
Some were never actually present,
Yet their presence was heard and felt,
every last beat.

Unfortunately, her paper is as barren as her thoughts.

Her mind blank,
Her soul empty,
She sits there waiting,
Waiting for a spark,
a sign…

Nothingness responds.

Trapped in the abyss,
Her emotions are amiss,
She is numb,
She’s sinking, powerless and hopeless.

She is drowning.

Fear had taken over,
Her heart began to thrash,
Her breathing becomes ragged,
Her chest tightens.

She is falling.

Emptiness surrounds her.

Stuck in a complete void,
She is lost.
She surrenders to a losing battle.
Her mind drifts blank.
The darkness embraces her
and tugs her down.

Here she sits,
waiting for something,
or perhaps someone.

A flicker,
A glimmer of hope,
a symbol,

So she sits there alone,
and afraid in the dark
and waits.

The blank piece of paper,
lays there as a constant reminder.

© Samantha Johnson 2022. All Rights Reserved.