Just One More!

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Why is it that every time we do
something we shouldn’t,
it’s always just one more?
Just one more drink, when we’re already
past the tipping point, and we won’t realise
It until the next morning, which is when stories
of disgrace and shame creep in, with just one more.
Just one more episode, after we’d already seen
More than enough for one evening led to us still
sitting there as the birds began to chirp.
Just one more piece, with food, is generally
a mistake, resulting in stomach pains
and upset tummies.

It’s never just one more, one more
ends up being one more
To another, then another, until we have overindulged.
Instead of having one more, we should
have many less.
That way, we may enjoy ourselves
without going overboard.
We will experience fewer regrets and embarrassments.
We’d suffer less and be more content.
And, in the end, having one less would be
less detrimental to ourselves.

People who claim that you can never
have too much are either delusionary
or self-destructive.
Or haven’t quite reached there just yet.
So binge less and enjoy in moderation;
This does not imply that you must abstain;
Simply relax.

Enjoy things in moderate doses;
it’s better for your body and brain,
and it could even preserve some friendships.
Enjoy more out of life and regret less,
We only have a limited amount
of time to see the world and its beauty,
so make the most of it.



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Mum of a small baby, writer & artist enthusiast. fluent in sarcasm. I use too many hashtags, emojis & gifs. One day I will be that mum who embarrasses her child