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The issue I have with some people is that when they choose to “expose” their dirty laundry for all to see under the pretence of being “truthful,” they tend to be the largest taletellers of all, every titbit, fabricated to make them appear perfect, or mask them from their true selves.

At the end of the day, their story is just that, a story, a fictitious tale for their own pleasure and that of their posse. If I have a hurtful story to retell about someone else, it is mine and mine alone; no one needs to see my delicates. I choose to be more reserved than that, and when I recount my experiences, I reveal the cold, hard truth that would disgrace and shame some people. It would also reveal the lies that they tell or have already told and published.

The beauty of storytelling is that you may lead the narration, tell-tale beautiful pieces, but some choose to taint their pieces and make villains out of innocent lives.
Similarly to what you would expect a high schooler gossiping to do. They make snarky, and downright mean remarks, just for the sake of being mean. But they are adolescents, so you would expect that from them, not from grown ass-adults.

Some people share their stories again, because no one is talking about them anymore, and that they have moved on. They are no longer the centre point of their circle, which is a sad but true fact. Some people require that kind of attention in order to feel important in their social group. Sometimes people unwittingly reveal their true nature, but quickly cover it up to play the victim.

But what about the true victims, whose reputations they sully by retelling stories in such a way that not only everyone knows exactly who the story is talking about, but also retold harshly. The story has been told in such a vicious fictitious manner that it could make the pope seem vile. And for what? To entertain people, or do they genuinely have nothing better to write about?

I make my own decisions regarding whether or not to go into detail about others. I prefer not to do so 99 percent of the time out of respect for the fact that they, too, are human beings with lives to live, not to be smeared over for others to see and laugh about.
If I write about genuine events, I usually leave out the person who has crap smeared all over them because it wouldn’t be fair. If I don’t want to be written about so negatively for the public to see, why would I think it’s okay for me to do so for others?

I also do not choose to lie in order to make myself appear better. I speak the truth as it is; if I am the bad person in that tale, I tell it like it is.
Everyone has a history where they are the bad guy at some point in their life. It doesn’t make you a bad person. We are human, we make mistakes and learn from them. Some prefer not to admit it, or if they do, they deflect it on to someone else, and in the end, they were the bigger person, the better person even when they are not.

I have some pieces in my saved files that I will never share for this reason, not because I am the bad guy, but because if I cut out the person whose name is being slung through the mud, there would be nothing left to share. They are for my own cathartic release and responses to what they say about me and mine, oh so publicly. I am quite protective of those close to me, and now that I have a family to look after, mama bear mode has kicked in.

I think some pieces people publish are best saved for their dear diaries. Lie to yourself all you want, act like a high schooler if you will, it’s your diary, but before you publish about me, remember I am on the wrong end of the age scale to behave as such. I am much older now, and I have a child to look after. I don’t need your smear campaign; it’s simply too exhausting. Are you not tired of it all yet?



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Mum of a small baby, writer & artist enthusiast. fluent in sarcasm. I use too many hashtags, emojis & gifs. One day I will be that mum who embarrasses her child