The tomorrow that never came

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Don’t be seduced by the notion of tomorrow. We fool ourselves into thinking that if we declare it to ourselves, we will actually do it later, with the popular phrase, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” but tomorrow never comes. We create a false commitment to ourselves in order to feel better. But do we?

We do this to ourselves daily, believing that we have an eternity to do the things we want in life. The things we desire to have or do are being pushed back into to-do lists, bucket lists, and false tomorrows.
Tomorrow’s and wish lists eventually get lost in the shuffle, and tomorrow will become years later.
We will all look back with regret and what-ifs, and we will condemn ourselves for not starting sooner or not starting at all.

Time waits for no one, and the more we delay, the more time it will take to achieve our objectives and aspirations if we ever get to.
We tell ourselves and everyone else that everything is fine.

“I’ll do it tomorrow,” then repeat the cycle the following day, and the list of things to do tomorrow becomes greater and more overwhelming. Instead of breaking down tasks into little daily manageable jobs, we let them pile up until they were ready to collapse and crush us.

Instead of saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” start now and continue every day until you reach your goals or fulfil your to-do list.
Start that project, schedule that vacation, start saving, tidy that hidden room, and don’t put it off any longer.

Time will not stand still for you.

I’ve been guilty of this my whole life, which is why I struggle now. The tomorrows and what-ifs weigh heavily on my mind. My shoulders carry the burden of my false promises. What I should have started years ago, I’m now attempting to start now.
It is never too late to act, but the longer we wait, the more challenging it becomes.

Tomorrow never comes.

We empower the word tomorrow and treat it as if it were a tremendous event.
It evokes notions of new beginnings and hope. It represents a new start in a world where time can stand still. Tomorrow exudes a sense of urgency, productivity, and success.

The strange thing about putting anything off till tomorrow is that we convince ourselves that if we wait, we will be more likely to do it, and we will feel more accomplished. We don’t, though, since it never happens.
I’ve lately made a real effort to create and fulfil a daily to-do list.

All of it has to be done and in manageable chunks, which is something I should have been doing all along. Instead of pushing things off until now and letting everything go, it leads to missed calls and opportunities.

We end up not talking to others for far too long, the laundry pile keeps piling, and our lives suffer as a result. Then, in the blink of an eye, life came to a standstill.

The “I’ll do it tomorrow” excuse is merely a technique for us to avoid doing it today. A life cheat: certain jobs we don’t want to do, others we just procrastinate on, but we are the ones who lose in the end. We watch people who have their s**t together and are doing things right. We wonder to ourselves why we can’t be like that or why we can’t live like that.

But that’s only a glimpse of someone’s life; they’re not going to post about the conflict on the other side of the screen. We get a little snapshot of what they want us to see. Don’t live through other people and don’t live with broken promises. Start today, so you don’t have to live with regret tomorrow.
And you won’t be questioning why you didn’t start it ten years ago.

Life is brief; live in the present moment and for today.



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